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Friday, November 28, 2014

Provodnikov vs Castillo Results: Mickey Rourke knocks out Elliot Seymour in two

The 62 year old Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke knocks out Elliot Seymour (1-10, 1 KO's) in Round 2, in his ring return after 20 years since his last fight.

Rourke entered the ring with a cowboy hat. When he reached the ring he give his hat to his Filipino trainer Marvin Samodio.

Provodnikov vs Castillo Results: Mickey Rourke knocks out Elliot Seymour in two In the first round Rourke kept on shifting stance. He fake a heart attack when Seymour landed a punch, then he came back with a left hook to the face of Seymour.

In the second round Rourke tapped Seymour to the body. Seymour went down! Lol! He beat the count and Rourke followed up with body taps and lol! Seymour was down and was not able to beat the count.

Rourke almost got knockdown after the fight, when he tried to carrry his trainer onto his shoulders.

I don't know what is this crap going on in Russia. I don't know also if this match is good for boxing. The fight is worst than the scripted wrestling match because wrestlers practice stunts. And when they performed, it look like natural real stuff. But this one naaaaah!

Anyway, one thing I learned from this fight is that even at 62 years old, granted that you are still fit to train, you can still achieve that rip body.

(Update 01 Dec.: It seemed that I'm not mistaken with my suspicion: that Elliot Seymour "dived" against Rourke in Russia. It is reported on the Daily Mail that Seymour is homeless and was paid to throw the fight.)
Elliot Seymour, the man who lost to Rourke on Friday, is a homeless drifter who trained at the same Hollywood gym Rourke and was paid to fly to Russia to make the actor 'look good'."

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