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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Top 3 fighters for Andre Ward's ring return

Top 3 fighters for Andre Ward's ring return

The promotional woes of undefeated super middleweight champion Andre Ward (27-0, 14 KO's) was over. It’s time for him to move on. It’s time for him to find out who he should be fighting for the sake of the boxing fans that have long been waiting for his ring return.

I can sense how happy Andre Ward, while keying in the letters that composed the statement he tweeted on Friday. He tweeted with hash tag #NextChapter. Ward as a professional fighter felt the difficulties. The difficulty in going battles inside legal courts. Instead of real battles in the ring.

Now, legal battles are finally over with him. Promotional problems with his previous promoter late Dan Goosen settled. Details of the settlement were not disclosed. But it is certain that the problem is over. Ward is optimistic in his ring return and is now starting to name names who he wanted to fight in his ting return.

But for me, as a boxing fan, I have three fighters in mind, for Ward to fight when he returns to the ring. I don’t care in which order he will fight these opponents.

Here are my Top 3 fighters for Andre Ward's ring return. In no specific order,  I want Ward to face them all regardless of the outcome of each fight.

1. Gennady Gorlovkin (31-0, 28 KO's) – Andre, in his interview with Ring TV said that he is willing to fight GGG. But it seems that he wants only at super middleweight. Although, for me, I fells that GGG looks small at middleweight. But if he chooses to go up in weight and fight Ward, I don’t think anyone has a great advantage in weight. The fact that he's sidelined for more than one year. And it cost his pound-for-pound ranking. Getting back to super middleweight fighting form is a problem. But I still believed it’s not a serious problem. He can still make the super middleweight limit and fight GGG. If GGG don't want a fight with Ward at SMW. Ward moving down to middleweight is a serious weight problem. If a catch-weight of 165 pounds will not also work. Then, here comes the next fighter that I want Andre ward to face in his ring return.

2. Sergey Kovalev (26-0-1, 23 KO's) – If indeed Andre Ward has problem at super middleweight then move north for the Russian. This is another fight that make sense for Ward. He’s been fighting for sometime at the super middleweight. And I think it’s time for him to take another title at another weight division. It would be exciting if he will move to the light heavyweight and face Sergey Kovalev. It will be an interesting math-up.

We all know that Kovalev does not rely solely on his power. He can fight also tactically and he proved that against master tactician Bernard Hopkins – whom he dominated over 12 rounds.

Ward is a kind of boxer who always finds a way to win. He loves to make his move first while anticipating opponent’s counter-moves. Ward shifts attack swiftly to defense after a sound offense. His style at times results to a hit-hug combination. Not a fan-friendly combination to master.

3. Carl Foch (33-2, 24 KO's) – A rematch with 'The Cobra' is another big fight for both men, if Ward doesn’t want, to move up to meet Kovalev, or move down to meet Golovkin.

Froch demolished George Grooves in their rematch. Of what has been considered as the biggest all British boxing showdowns in UK at the full-house Wembley Stadium. Froch wanted a fight in the US. In the US or UK the fight is huge and the fans would definitely want it.

Ward won on all three judges the first time they met in 2012. Froch seemed too cautious during that fight. And Ward was able to execute well ahead of Froch in all aspects. I think if the meet one more time, Froch would definitely execute a well adjusted game-plan based on the previous fight. And it is exciting to see what Ward's counter measure.

If you are to choose which fighter should Ward fight next? Would it be GGG first? Then Sergey and Froch? In which order you want?

If the fighters were not listed above, who do you think is best of Ward in his ring return?

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