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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cesar Rene Cuenca may ruins Mayweather's plan before retiring

Cesar Rene Cuenca may ruins Mayweather's plan before retiring

The undefeated boxing's pound-for-pound best Floyd Mayweather Jr. may have a brilliant plan before retiring. He said that his September fight is his last, but I doubt. In my opinion, he will fight one more time to surpass Rocky Marciano's perfect 49-0-0 record and retire 50-0-0.

Mayweather (48-0-0) will be fighting in September to fulfill his contractual obligation of his mega-buck, 6-fight deal with Showtime. The most likely opponent is Andre Berto.

With Andre Berto the likely opponent, many boxing observer believed that the 2015 Forbes highest paid athlete is looking for an easy fight. By beating Berto in September, Floyd will equal Marciano's record. In 2016, most likely, Floyd will hand-picked the easiest opponent he'll find. He will make sure that his 50th opponent will not derail his plan to retire 50-0-0 and break Marciano's record. Don't hope for a Pacquiao rematch.

But there's one fighter that will ruin Mayweather's brilliant plan: The master tactician, Cesar Rene Cuenca. He will ruin Mayweather's plan by not even fighting him in the ring.

Cuenca's 48-0-0 records equals Floyd.

Cuenca defeated China's Ik Yang last Saturday and ruined China's chance to have the second world champion after the sport of boxing was reinstated in this country.

If Cuenca, will fight again before Floyd fights on September, he'll equal Marciano's record first. That of course granted if he will win. OK, granted he wins. And if he will fight again before Mayweather fights next year, then again granted that he wins, then he will break Marciano's record first.

Floyd will end up chasing Cuenca's record.

If I were Floyd, I'll offer Cuenca to be my next opponent in September instead of Berto or I will pay Cuenca and I will let him retire.

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