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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Pacquiao-Bradley III gets negative reaction

Filipino boxing icon Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao will face American Timothy Bradley Jr. for the third time this coming April. But the Pacquiao-Bradley III gets a negative reaction from fight fans and showed that they aren't interested in another rubber match.

Pacquiao's first fight with Bradley was in June 2012. He lost via split decision on what had been dubbed as the biggest robbery in boxing.

A pointless rematch

Pacquiao didn't demand an immediate rematch. He believed that he clearly won the fight and there's no point in a rematch. Fight fans shared the same sentiment.

On his next fight, Pacquiao chose a fourth fight against fierce rival Juan Manuel Marquez in 2012.

Although Pacquiao scored two victories and a draw against Marquez during their three encounters, fight fans were still interested to see another fight. The first three encounters were very competitive and explosive. So why not do it for the fourth time?

Marquez shocked the boxing world! He knocked Pacquiao out in Round 6, ending their rivalry without controversy.

With the devastating defeat, Floyd Mayweather Jr. became even more elusive at that time.

Pacquiao picked Brandon Rios for his next fight. He showcased a one-sided beat down on Rios and proved to critics that he still got it.

Taking on the pointless rematch

Pacquiao then took a Bradley rematch in 2014 -- a rematch he earlier considered as unnecessary.

On the rematch, Pacquiao convincingly defeated Bradley, which further cemented the claim that he won the first fight.

Pacquiao finally squared Floyd Mayweather Jr. in what has been the biggest revenue fight in boxing history. Pacquiao lost in a near snooze fest rather than a promised slugfest in May 2015.

Another pointless rematch

With Pacquiao now coming off from a defeat, we are being sold again for another Bradley rubber match.

Many believed that a third fight is pointless. The first two fights were neither thrilling nor memorable to say the least. But to Arum's business point of view, it is the most viable fight for Pacquiao. Naa... You know... in-house fighters. The talking point is that Bradley is a different Bradley with Teddy Atlas on his side.

"This is a different Timothy Bradley under the aegis of Teddy Atlas. This is not me just saying that. The Bradley that fought Rios, whatever you thought about Rios, was a different fighter. It's still Bradley, but a new Bradley with Teddy. And at this point of his career, can Manny handle that? Remember, Manny is also coming off an injury" said Arum.

But if you are among those boxing fans who believed that Pacquiao-Bradley is a pointless rubber match, then who do you think Pacquiao should fight next?

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