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Friday, July 1, 2016

Review: Keith Thurman vs Shawn Porter

Keith Thurman vs Shawn Porter Full Fight Boxing... by usamasterman

You know what? Blogging boxing at times can be very tough. I mean you should take a considerable amount of time dedicated to update, read and watch fights. Well, watching would be the easy thing to do as this is what I like. I like to watch boxing matches. I'm a lifelong boxing fan. But, of course, putting your two cents into writing is the tough part. Well to be honest, the toughest actually is to keep this blog with up-to-date content. That's why if you are a boxing fan and you wanted to say something about anything boxing. Shoot me an email at I'll have it published here.

Well, last week, I wasn't able to post any fight recaps. But it doesn't mean though that there were no significant fights last week. Last week, instead, there were good quality fights. Just like the above bout between Keith Thurman (27-0, 22 KOs) and Shawn Porter (26-2-1, 16 KOs) fight last Saturday night on PBConCBS at the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn, New York. But because of those things that I've been going through with life nowadays; tough time at day job, family and relationships, you know, just at times too harsh to juggle.

Anyway whatever it was, it will never rocked my love of the sport of boxing. I mean, this sport really just ran through my veins like blood. I may die without it.

Enough with the dramatic intro. Well, the above fight was really one of the best match-ups in boxing I've seen. Thurman-Porter was not just relentless action throughout the whole 36-minute slug-fest. The bout showed interesting style match-up and ring IQ. Although style makes fights, and the one that would tweak his style keeping in mind finding way to eke out game plan to edge the style presented by the opponent.

With the above said, that's why Thurman won upon the eyes of the three judges at ringside who scored it 115-113 across the board. And I agree with the verdict. I have it too close but of course Thurman winning. Thurman was able to find a way in every engagement with Porter to land effective clean counters. Thurman was able to tweak his style. He thought of defense first, because he knows that the style of Porter will initiate and engage in exchanging leather from start to end.

Porter on the other hand really stuck to his style, which is all out aggression using his physical strength. Although at times he was successful especially when he was able to plant his head on the chest of Thurman, and pinned Thurman to the ropes. And then firing combinations with all his might. But most of the time the aggression were not enough to warrant an effective aggression to win rounds in those close competitive stanzas.

Thurman was able to smothered some of those punches, ducked and come back with left and right counter hooks upstairs -- few of them rocked Porter and momentarily stopped from his track.

As a boxing fan, I can say that: I'm, at times, at the edge of my couch watching the fight. Many already considered the bout a strong "Fight of the Year" contender. Well, it should be considered. The fight never lack the action a fight fan would love to see. But of course we love knockdowns or knockouts. The absence of  KO and KDs of the Thurman-Porter fight will not drop from being considered as serious contender for this year's Fight of the Year honors.

But hey! If I will watch side-by-side the Thurman-Porter fight with the Magsayo-Avalos fight last April---of course I'll be incline to give the Magsayo-Avalos fight of the year trophy. Magsayo and Avalos exchanged knockdowns. Both in the verge to be taken out by each other. Whewww!

Well, the Thurman-Porter fight really had an impressive viewership on free-TV on PBConCBS Saturday night.

It will be a challenge to boxing promoter out there to produce fights like this quality to happen. I really hate marinating match-ups. It is not necessary really to build superstars. All boxing fans need is quality fights with regards to action and fireworks inside the ring. Maybe we can lure fans to watch a well-hyped and marinated bout. But end of the day if it will not deliver the qualities of a good fight, well there will be repercussions. Mayweather-Pacquiao really did not worth more than a decade of marination. Oppps! I should have moved on from this. Like a lover boy left behind by his girl for already more than a year now. Time will heal. But oh still thinking of the $99.

The GGG-Canelo should be made. But anyway if the marination process would involve GGG versus Chris Eubank Jr. then so be it. So Tom Loeffler, start putting on soy sauce to the marination process because for sure Eubank Jr. is the chili that will really add the spice of the marination. Just make sure it will not end up Canelo-Eubank in the end.

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