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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Andre Ward gets up from knockdown, wins unanimous decision

It was tough second round for Andre Ward, as he was floored by a powerful right hand from the Krusher. He got up, solidify more of his defense and balance it with effective and accurate offense that saw him winning on all three judges scorecards.

The official scores were 114-113 on all three judges for Ward winning most of the alphabet titles at light heavyweight.

In the first half of the fight, Ward (31-0, 15KOs) was on the receiving end of Sergey Kovalev's powerful jabs and right hand. Kovalev (30-1-1, 26 KO) dropped Ward with right hand during the second round of their light heavyweight championship, Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ward got up from the knockdown and held for the rest of round. He clinched as Kovalev rushed in to finish him up early.

Ward slowly but surely adjusted the power and attacks of Kovalev every round after the knockdown. He was maintaining safe distance from Kovalev and tied the Russian champion when he gets closer. He fired counter mostly to the body that got a toll on Kovalev as the fight wore on.

In the second half of the fight, Ward was able to land sneaky jabs that snapped Kovalev's head back and he continued his body work. The fight become more competitive as Ward already adjusted to the style and was able to dictate each engagement in the ring. He fired at angles where Kovalev not in position to counter and force held when Kovalev came close.

However, it's not the usual punch-and-clinch routine for Ward as Kovalev either wrestle to punch in or wrestle to rough up Ward. They employ brilliant techniques every time they tangle up. The referee had an awesome job controlling the fight mostly by his mouth as the fighters were listening to his commands each time they tangle.

It was a controversial close decision, but I don't see it as bad decision either. I have it a draw and I like to see a rematch. But Kovalev had a hard time accepting his first defeat, and believed he clearly won the fight, seven to three rounds on his favor.

"He got maybe few rounds. You know, I agree but not the full fight. I keep control all the fight all rounds. I lost like three rounds of all [entire] fight, says Kovalev.

Kovalev said that he wanted a rematch and he will "kick his ass" referring to Ward.

"Of course I want a rematch and I will kick his ass like that. I just wanted to show boxing not short round you know," answers Kovalev.

What do you think of the decision? Would you want to see an immediate rematch?

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