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Thursday, November 3, 2016


Philadelphia, PA—A pair of cruiserweights hoping to make some noise in the division—Lamont Capers and Garrett Wilson—collide in a six-round fight Friday evening, Dec. 2, at the 2300 Arena in South Philly.
Topping the eight-fight card is a 10-round junior lightweight fight with Tevin Farmer, of North Philadelphia, defending his NABF junior lightweight title against Dardan Zenunaj, of Albania. First fight is 7 pm.

Capers (left), 25, of Hawley, PA, turned more than a few heads earlier this year when he upset Nick Kisner, of Baltimore, MD, over eight rounds in Atlantic City, NJ. Kisner’s record was 16-2-1 at the time, Capers was 5-8.
After following the win over Kisner with another victory, this time in Philadelphia against Pedro Martinez, Hawley goes after the big one when he takes on Wilson, a former top contender and a man considered to be the “policeman” of the cruiserweight division.

“Fighting a big name (like Wilson) is exciting” Capers said. “I am looking forward to testing my skills against someone who has been through it already. I am ready and there is nothing to be afraid of, whether it’s in my backyard, his backyard or anyone else’s backyard. It’s all a mind game to me and if I can overcome it then I will be comfortable.

“A win over Garrett Wilson will boost my career and lead to greater fights. I am not intimidated. I have God on my side and I have not been intimidated by any fighter. Most of the guys I fought had winning records. Those I lost to wouldn’t fight me a second time now that my mindset has changed for the better. I’m getting hyped for this fight just by talking about it. We’ll see who is better, me or him. Not taking anything away from anyone but we will see who has been training the hardest.”

Wilson (right), 34, of South Philadelphia, is an eight-year pro with a 16-11-1 record, 9 K0s. He is a former USBA and NABF cruiserweight champion and is known for fighting the best cruiserweights and, on occasion, heavyweights in the world. Only twice in his 28-fight career has he faced an opponent with a losing record.

Among his victims are Omar Sheika, Andres Taylor and Chuck Mussachio and he gave heavyweight title challenger Czar Glazkov all he could handle in 2013, losing a 10-round decision in a fight Wilson took on 72 hours’ notice.

The only foe common to Capers and Wilson is Pedro Martinez, whom Wilson twice beat, once by decision, once by knockout.

Capers could be catching Wilson at the right time since the Philadelphian is coming off a pair of losses to Keith Tapia and Guillermo Jones.

“Not sure I really lost to Keith Tapia,” Wilson said. “It could have been a draw. I definitely beat Guillermo Jones. Everyone there (Pittsburgh, PA) knew I won the fight and they booed the decision but Jones was with Don King so what can you do.

“That’s all behind me. My goal now is to simply hurt people. I have nothing left to prove; I just want to hurt people. That’s my goal!”

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