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Monday, May 14, 2018

Watch: Outstanding boxing moments from the last 10 years

When I felt like losing my interest in the sports of boxing all I need to do is watch the above video. These were a compilation of the best boxing fights that happened in the last 10 years.

Once I watch them, my interest in boxing comes again alive and kicking and I wanted to write some boxing stuff again. Really, It was hectic lately that I wasn't able to update this lowly blog with anything.

Well hopefully after watching again the video above from the Youtube channel Boxing Extra I start writing again. Forgive me if I said I'm losing interest in boxing as I was not able to update regularly this blog. Two or some three years ago, I'm updating this blog on daily basis. I just write anything about everything boxing, but lately, it's not even on a weekly basis. My last post here was on 1st April.

It was not really losing interest, but it's the time to write. The demand for my day job was getting a toll on me, and as I age, it seemed that my body needed more rest. I can't wake up early at 5:00 AM (Kuwait Time) to watch live fights. It's usually early in the early Sunday morning here in Kuwait for a Saturday night big fights in the States. Before, I have no problem waking up early watching the boxing matches live and then write a quick post after. Now, it's tough for me.

Hopefully, I can, at least a single post weekly. Anyway, enjoy watching the above video. There's more compilation of boxing videos created by Boxing Extra.

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