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Sunday, September 11, 2011

FIFA ASIA Round Three: What happen to Asia's big guns in football?

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Asia's big guns are totally silenced by their respective opponents. FIFA  Asia round three qualifier for the 2014 World cup in Brazil shows a totally different scenario.

Asia's Power house Iran, Korea Republic and Japan were all held to 1-1 draw against their respective opponents. Except for Australia who live up to the expectation and scored 3-1 against Saudi Arabia.

Both Lebanon and Jordan recorded their first ever win against UAE and China respectively.

The results suggest that the underdogs are improving now their level of the game or it might be the declination of the favorites performance. Overconfidence might also be a factor.

In this scenario, I can conclude that their would be a sure change in the list of the  4.5 slot allocated for Asia. The expected teams to be in the list might not make it.

I predict Kuwait to qualify this time.
This might be a bold prediction but given the performance shown on the last game against Korea Republic chances for Kuwait is big.

Kuwait will be having a game against the Koreans in their home. The match would be very tough for the Kuwaites.

Asia's third qualifying round, matchday two results
6 September
Group A: Singapore 0-2 Iraq, Jordan 2-1 China
Group B: Lebanon 3-1 United Arab Emirates, Kuwait 1-1 Korea Republic
Group C: Uzbekistan 1-1 Japan, Korea DPR 1-0 Tajikistan
Group D: Thailand 3-0 Oman, Saudi Arabia 1-3 Australia
Group E: Indonesia 0-2 Bahrain, Qatar 1-1 Iran

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