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Friday, September 9, 2011

Manchester United & Cristiano Ronaldo: Will They Ever Reunite?

Recently, in an interview with Sky Sports Cristiano Ronaldo hinted at a possible return to Manchester United.
This is not the first time talk of a Ronaldo-Manchester United reunion has taken place.
Both here, and here talk of Ronaldo returning to United has occurred.  Oh, and here as well.
The point is, Ronaldo still has some attachment to Manchester United.  And Sir Alex and The ManU faithful still have some love for Ronaldo.
The question is, could he ever return to Old Trafford, and better yet, where would he fit in?
Although Ronaldo also said he would sign for Madrid for ten more years, his public admiration for United has made the move far more likely than just a fantasy football transfer. Continue Reading on Bleacher Report.

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