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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Donaire stops Nishioka in Round 9, retains title

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Nonito ”The Filipino Flash”once again dominated opponent now in Toshiaki Nishioka and eventually knocked him out in round nine. Nonito was clearly in control in the early going of the fight. He was fast and as I expect a whole lot stronger in the third time at 122 pounds.

Nishioka showed that he aged and was not able to catch-up the phase of Donaire and was very cautious. Nishioka had a very high respect of Donaire's left hook—he pasted his right hand to his right chin—sacrificing his right jab and as a result he can’t also throw his left straight.

A hesitant Nishioka in the early rounds made the fans booed—it is evident that the crowd was looking for the same action between Rios and Alvarado. The referee yells at him to box—this is boxing not dancing.

Donaire continue what he does best in the early rounds, looking only to counter and patiently waiting for opening. But Nishioka refused to engage and was still hiding in his shell just faking his punches but not throwing anything. The impatient crowd of Carson California increased the volume of boos.

Nishioka steps up the gas after Donaire’s left uppercut find his target on his chin and he was down—his ass first to the canvas. The crowd becomes excited but Nishioka stood and continue.

In the beginning I was thinking that Nishioka wanted only to survive because he seemed accepted that Donaire is a different animal. But Nishioka rallied in round nine and looking for his own way to win—to knockout Donaire because he is way behind the scorecards.

However, Nishioka got tagged with a hard straight right counter from Donaire to his mouth and again he trip to canvas—now flat on his back. He stood right away but was so wobbly although the referee allowed him to continue. But after a single punch from the raging Donaire—the referee stopped the fight.

In a quick words Donaire was simply the stronger, faster and younger while Nishoka has aged and rusty due to 11 months of inactivity. With Nishiokas sterling career and at 36, I think it is time to hang his gloves for good

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