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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rios vs. Alvarado: Rios demolishes Alvarado in Round 7

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As expected the fight between undefeated fighters Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado was pure fire versus fire from the beginning till the end. Both fighters open fires punches that has brutal intention. Alvarado's punishing uppercuts find its target almost at will at Rios's head and body. While Rios has his left hook landed from the inside. Both brawlers absorb each other punches well—superb conditioning.

However, it is Rios's big right hand—the one that Alvarado did not see coming while he ducked—that hurt and sent him to the ropes. Rios followed up with left right combinations that opted the referee to stop the fight just right in time at 1:57 in Round 7.

In my unofficial scorecards, I've got Alvarado leading four rounds to two. Alvarado was the fighter who try to mix it up. He throws snapping jab from the outside and circle around Rios. His uppercuts was the telling blows before the knockout.

Rios comes straight forward to Alvarado and absorb those crushing uppercuts but he comes back with his own punches. Rios's left hook finding his mark also at Alvarados chin.

The end comes in round 7 when Alvarado was caught by a hard right that hurt him badly, followed by a combination. Alvarado backed to the ropes really wobbly and Rios fired left and right and the referee step in to stop the fight.

I would like a rematch for this fight it was unbelievable fight and ended in a knockout. Unbeleivable fighters that really stood their ground and pleased the knockout hungry fans. In the end it was Alvarado's "O" that go.

This a sure "fight of the year" candidate.

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