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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Donaire vs. Nishioka and Rios vs Alvarado double header Live Blog

Round 7 Hard right to the chin Alvarado was hurt. Alvarado was in serious trouble. He was wobbly. Referee stops the fight. Oh my God. Official result 1:57 in round 7. Up next: Donaire vs, Nishioka

Round Six Rios start with a left hook. Again in the inside left hook Rios. Uppercut Alvarado Short crosses Alvarado. Hard right Alvarrado. Rios comes back with body shots. Alvarados round.

Round 5 Alvarado tries to circle around with his jab. Rios closes in with body shots. Back and forth action. Alvarado round for me.

Round 4 Alvarado mix it up from the inside and out. Good uppercut by Alvarado but Rios refuse to backdown. Good body shot for Rios. Nice combo for Alvarado. I got it for Rios.

Round 3 Alvarado try to adjust. Try to jab that snaps Rios head back. Again they fight in the inside. Back and forth dropping bombs. Alvarados uppercut always find his mark. Alvarado got this round.

Round 2 Rois throws crushing left hook that find its target at Alvarados chin that absorbs it, no problem. Alvarado nice uppercut. Rios smiled. Rios counters. I give this round for Alvarado for that telling uppercut. 

Round 1 No sizing made for both fighters. Throwing bombs from the inside no one refuse to back down. Fireworks as expected from this very round. Round could go either way but I got it for Rios

One of the best match up anticipated to be fireworks. Many boxing pundits believed that it will gonna be Gatti vs. Ward. Besides both fighter are undefeated.

Live Rios vs Alvarado Round by round report

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