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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Salido vs. Garcia: Mikey outclasses Salido, bound to elite level

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Miguel Angel ‘Mikey’ Garcia crosses the line from being a contender going into the next level, outclassing tough Mexican Orlando Salido for the WBO world featherweight showdown at the historic Madison Square Garden Theater, New York, USA.

The conclusion of the fight may not be an icing of the cake for the brilliant performance that Mikey showed to the boxing world but it will not erase the fact that the reigning champion, Orlando Salido was clearly dominated.  Salido was down twice early in the first round, once in the third, and again in the fourth round.

The fight ended in technical unanimous decision after Garcia’s nose was broken. His nose was accidentally (officially ruled) head butt in Round 8. The officials went to the scorecards after decided that Garcia cannot continue to fight. The judges scored unanimously in favor of Garcia. The scorecards read 79-70 and twice 79-69.

In round 1, Salido was down twice and keeps coming back. I can’t help but to recollect Pacquiao vs. Marquez I, just one knockdown short.  Salido was tested in this situation. He was down several times in his career but able to finished his opponents. I started to think the same early on. I can’t imagine how tough this guy really is. He went down but it seems he doesn’t felt the sting.

However, in the fourth knockdown, I saw desperation in salido's face. This means only two things for me. Either he will push hard more to lure Garcia for a broke or adjust and fight on cautiously. Salido chose the first option because this is how he is. After that final knockdown, Salido really pressed on. But Garcia’s accurate counter-punching and power is Salido’s main problem. Mikey clinically figured out every attack that Salido initiated.

Boxing fans might think what if the fight did not end this way? Some analyst believed that it may be a different story.  Salido finished every fight that he won, 'strong'. There are four more rounds before the fight ended.  It is just a matter of time that Salido’s right hand over the top will find its target.

Nevertheless, what I believe is that at the end of the day is to go back to a very old clichés in boxing that says “style makes fights”.  The style of Salido will always have difficulties against counter-punchers. Salido was picked apart round by round by the brilliant counter-puncher the sport has to offer in Juan Manuel Marquez.  Throw again another Juan Manuel Lopez in front of Salido and you will see a much competitive fight.

However, even if you are a counter-puncher doesn’t mean you’ll get an instant win to a man like Salido. Mikey at 25 years old just showed how mentally tough he is to stick to his game plan by being very calm and patient inside the ring. A counter-puncher lured into a brawl is a big joke.

What I like Mikey’s package as a counter-puncher is his power behind his punches. A strong brawler will always hesitate to attack.

Garcia’s dominating performance without a doubt will unseat more champions in the featherweight division. He is really in the prime age—not too young, not too old as a champion.
What would be Mikey’s next move?

I like to see Garcia up against a powerful boxer-counter-puncher.  A Nonito Donaire maybe mouthwatering to watch? Yes, why not? Although they are in the same trainer and Nonito already expressed that as much as possible they will not fight. But who knows, they are under one roof—Bob Arums house.

Possibility is always there. Nonito had earlier expressed his plans of moving up in weight. A clash at featherweight is not a bad idea. Another fight that will be great also is against Juan Manuel Lopez in the future once he reestablishes again himself.
Orlando Salido

In the case of Salido, I like to watch him fight next against boxer-punchers. A fight with Juan Ponce De Leon would be great. I doubt if there will be a rematch with Garcia. There will be no demand for this.

HBO’s Triple-Header

Overall we are treated with a good quality fight-card this weekend. HBO’s triple-header lives up to the expectation except for one that many boxing scribes criticized about the decision. Martinez according to some analysts is lucky to retain his title. While Golovkin-Rosado is as one sided as Salido-Garcia but Rosado fought gallantly denying Golovkin his desire to knock him out. We hope to watch again fight card like this in the near future.

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