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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Salido vs. Garcia Results: Golovkin TKO Rosado in Round 7

Gennady Golovkin retains his middleweight title peppering a very game challenger Gabriel Rosado moments ago in the historic Madison Square Garden Theater, New York, USA.

It is very obvious that Rosado had a very huge respect of Golovkin's power. He tries to move around and uses his feet more to evade damaging punches from the defending champion.

Rosado evaded some punches, but it is just a matter of time that some also will land as Golovkin stalked him, cutting the ring smartly, moving always parallel at him.

In the second round Golovkin busted Rosado's nose. Rosado is a bloddy mess and Golovkin keep jabbing a lot more that turned his right white gloves into red.

In round 5 Rosado tried to turn the heat and fight back landing his best shots of the night. But that was short lived as the heavy-puncher champion countered.

Rosado was total bloody mess in round 6,blood profusely dripping from his nose that scattered around his entire face.

In round 7 the corner of Rosado saw enough in the ring and throws in towel pulling out their fighter out of the fight. At exactly 2:56 the fight was stopped. It is just right in time--Rosado is not fighting back and just trying to survive.

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