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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gennady Golovkin proves he's the real deal, finishes Macklin in three, silences skeptics

Gennady Golovkin, 27-0 (KO 24) was a beast on Saturday night. Golovkin proved skeptics wrong and silenced critics on their seats while watching him dismantled Matthew Macklin. Those who believed he was a hyped and overrated fighter, were in disbelief how he battered Macklin in just three rounds. Golovkin’s seek-and-destroy style that hardcore and casual fans love to watch will always stand out. Macklin was supposed to be the toughest test of GGG’s career. But he was nowhere near a hard task to tackle, instead he look like a prey to a hungry monster.

In the first round it was evident that Golovkin had no little respect for Macklin’s power. Golovkin immediately jump at Macklin and throw punches with real bad intention. He was marching towards Macklin as if he was holding Thor’s hammer. The heavy handed phenom from Kazakhstan shook the underpowered challenger that look stunned and frightened with every punch that landed.
In the second round I am asking myself this question, until when Macklin now dropped to 29-5 (KO 20) could keep himself standing. With this question in my mind, I know this is going to be a short walk in the park for Golovkin. HBO should better back-up with good quality under-cards whenever they headline Golovkin, it is going to be guaranteed short night.

Golovkin backed Macklin several times through the ropes. Macklin seemed confused on how to react the situation, whether to punch out off the ropes or to cover up downstairs or upstairs. Macklin had neither answer nor clear defense for Golovkins head and body assault.

In the third round, Golovkin unleashed a powerful shot to the body that put Macklin down for good. Macklin took a knee and was counted out from there.

Prior to the fight, Macklin was regarded as an acid test for Golovkin. Macklin had been in a war with top tier middleweight Felix Sturm and Sergio Martinez.  Although he lost against Martinez, he gave the champion one hell of a fight that if it went through the final bell, for sure he would have taken the title. Against Felix Sturm, we all know who won. However, last night Macklin was overpowered and overwhelmed by a different kind of beast.

What next for Golovkin now that he passed the ‘toughest’ test?

Sergio Martinez, sitting on top of the middleweight hill, would likely be the next opponent for GGG. But with Golovkins performance tonight, I don’t know how willing Maravilla would take the risk. Martinez narrowly escaped the final round knockdown scored by Chavez Jr. in their September 2012 fight. Against Golovkin, he will be treated with more of the same punches. But his awkward style is interesting to watch against a heavy handed stalker.

Andre Ward, the number two pound for pound boxer next to Floyd Mayweather Jr. is another mouthwatering match-up. But I hate to hear Ward calling out opponents to come up or to come down at 168-pounds. A catch-weight at 164 is ideal.

What do you think would be GGG’s best next opponent?

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