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Friday, June 21, 2013

Malignaggi vs. Broner: Whose mouth will get shut?

Photo Credit Tom Casino/Showtime

COMMENTARY│Hometown favorite Paulie “The Magic Man” Malignaggi of Brooklyn will defend his WBA welterweight title against current lightweight and two division champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner for Showtime’s triple header at the Barclay’s Brooklyn New York on June 22.

Malignaggi and Broner are gifted with tremendous trash talking ability that not anyone can take especially boxing younger generation fans. Verbal assaults against each other in social media all the way to the media workout had been always below the belt. When fight night comes, whose mouth will get shut and humiliated?

Malignaggi 32-4 (KO 7), is one of the worst alphabet belt holders in boxing. Although he fought the biggest names in the welterweight division like Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto, however he never won against this kind of high level opposition. So, how relevant this belt he is having in the welterweight division?

Broner 26-0 (KO 22), other than badmouthing opponent, in fairness has a fantastic talent. He has a superb ability that can back up his trashing. But looking into his resume, he is yet to be tested. He has not fought anyone that challenge and push his abilities to the limit.

The Cincinnati star was also criticized when he came over the super featherweight limit when he demolished Vicente Escobedo in round five for the vacant 130pound in July last year. Since lightweight is a thin division, unlike the junior welterweight division, which is packed with real champions, fans wanted Broner to climb up there and fight more competitive and bigger payday opposition.

However, Broner dismissed the idea, saying that he will not rush things up and will clean-up the lightweight division before moving up to another division. He then fought Gavin Rees next for the WBC lightweight championship, and won with ease. He is expected to climb up to the junior welterweight next fight potentially facing the likes of Lamont Peterson, Danny Garcia, or Mike Alvarado that could pose real problem with “The Problem”.

Nevertheless, fans were surprise when announced that he will fight Malignaggi for the WBA welterweight title. Why he skip the 140pound division?

Since then the trash talking started to promote a somewhat insignificant fight to both of their careers.

Malignaggi-Broner trash talking each other catches up public attention. I don’t know if this is good for boxing. They did it to promote to what seems to be a useless fight.

With all the verbal assaults, which mouth do you think will be shut come fight night? Who will be humiliated with the defeat? 

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