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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fan Prediction: Mayweather vs. Alvarez

The fight between boxing's pound-for-pound supremo Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the young gun from Mexico, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez will finally takes place tonight, Sept. 14 at the MGM Grand. Las Vegas, Nevada. Wow! that's gonna be several hours away from the time of this post and I am very excited for this fight.

I should have been somewhere near the venue if only I can afford to. But since I can not travel to the boxing mecca, not that I don't want, but it's just that I can't. So while daydreaming of being in the Vegas strip; I catch up with my good friend who is an avid follower of the sport.Its been a month, that we are discussing about this fight and sharing our thoughts on what will be a possible outcome.

We use to discuss this fight during break time from the same office that we work. And finally he shares his final thoughts and prediction for this fight, and how is it like to follow boxing in Kuwait, a country where the sport has poor following compared to his home country Ghana.

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