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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Marc Pingris vs. Kelly Nabong brawl in PBA

Marc Pingris and Kelly Nabong fought a boxing-like action during their play in the PBA game--actually it is more like of MMA--Nabong throw a knee to Pingris. Both Nabong and Pingris were thrown out from the game for fighting. And the rest of the players that involve were penalized.

Filipinos followed basketball more than boxing in the Philippines. Even the Filipino boxing icon, Manny Pacquiao himself, admitted that if he has the height he prefer to play professional basketball rather than prizefighting. Boxing, I think is the second sport who had a massive following next to basketball, in the Philippines.

At some point in basketball in the Philippines, not only in the PBA, but also in every corner of the archipelago that has a basketball court, fist fighting is a common thing when a game is not won in the hard-court.

Here's the video of the brawl.


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