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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rico Ramos routs Jonathan Arrellano

Rico Ramos routs Jonathan Arellano

Friday Night Fights televised co-feature ten-round featherweight action between fellow California residents Rico Ramos and Jonathan Arrellano at the Little Creek Casino Resort, Shelton, Washington, USA. Ramos scored knockdowns twice in the fourth round and once in the fifth; getting the nod of the judges' scorecards to the tune of 98-89, 98-89 and 98-88.

In the first round, Ramos, now improved his record to 23-3 (KO 12), tried to move around looking for more angles before lunging in towards Arrellano, that at times resulting to several clinches. Arrellano landed several uppercuts that were absorbed very well by Ramos. No problem. In the second round, bombs were away... as Ramos was able to pinned Arrellano towards the corner and unleashed power punches that landed few. But Arrellano connected a short uppercut that momentarily stunned Ramos. It was a good round as both fighters stepped up the action.

The third round was more of back-and-forth action as both fighters fired shots without giving any serious damage at each other.

The power difference showed up in the fourth round when Ramos's signature left hook found its home on Arrellano's cheek that sent him crushing to the floor. Butt first. Although Arrellano was up on his feet immediately and walks around; it's obvious that he really felt the power. His nose now bleeding.

Ramos stood and stayed where he was after scoring the knockdown. Seemed surprised what he just did to Arrellano. Not only that, Ramos did it once more: another left hook, another knockdown he scored -- few seconds before the end of the round. Impressive round for Ramos.

In the fifth round, again,  Arrellano was drop with the same left hook. I don't know why he didn't learn from the first two mistakes. He should have pasted his right hand toward his left chin. But Arrellano also scored his own left hook that shook Ramos legs.

However, Arrellano wasn't able to capitalize the situation as the bell rang to end the round.

In the seventh, Arellano now dropped to 14-3 (KO 3), has had his moments as he pinned Ramos to the corner; landing left and right power shots. But Ramos was able to absorb those shots and depended some.

The remaining rounds were eventually controlled by a more confident Ramos; leading a wide margin in the scorecards. And Arrellano needed a knockout if he wants to turn this fight around in his favor.

But that never happened as Rico Ramos cruised to a unanimous victory.

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