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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thomas Williams Jr. beats Cornelius White

Thomas Williams Jr. beats Cornelius White

Friday Night Fights main event for January 24 installment, still unbeaten prospect Thomas Williams Jr. 16-0 (KO 11), defeated the savvy veteran Cornelius White 21-3 (KO 16), in 169 seconds of all-out war inside the very first round. This is a fight wherein you can't question the fighter's aggressiveness, power, and eagerness to put on a spectacular show. They don't need any single round to feel each other. In the get-go... bombs were away. And both men floored each other before Williams scored his second knockdown, and then went for the home-run.

Williams first scored a knockdown courtesy of his left hand.

White partly blocked that left hand from William's southpaw stance, but the power sent him down. Not badly hurt, White rose to his feet, beat the count, and shook it off.

The fighters met in the center of the ring.

Williams gained more confident from the knockdown he just scored. He continued to press forward and unloaded power punches, but got careless. White landed a big shot that put down Williams. Williams was quick to his feet and looked at the referee seriously while he listened to the mandatory count.

The fighters met again in the center of the ring.

White pressed forward, but also got careless; didn't see the left hand coming. His legs were shaking from that left hand and Williams followed through and dropped White again. This time, White was badly hurt. Able to get back to his feet, but with his legs were too shaky; White was hanging on to his dear life.

Williams, sensing early victory didn't hesitate to go for the kill. The referee hopped in to stop the fight.

The official time: 2:29 in the first round.

What a war!

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