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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Is the mega-deal with Showtime pressures Mayweather to fight Pacquiao?

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Pound-for-pound kingpin and boxing's "Fighter of the Year" for most sports media, Floyd Mayweather Jr. might be under pressure from Showtime to fight multi-division champion Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather is on the verge of choosing his opponent for his third fight under his contractual obligation: 6-fight mega-deal with Showtime. Mayweather's camp is inclined to pick Amir Khan, but seems gained negative feedback, because it could be an easy work for boxing's cash cow.

Who will buy a ticket or PPV subscription watching a man that considers own self all-time great beating a man that has no potential threat style-wise or skill-wise?

Like it or not, if you're a Mayweather fan, large part of boxing fans that patronized Mayweather fights were those that love to see him had his ass whoop for the first time.

If you're putting in someone wherein Mayweather is a sure win -- at this point -- wherein hard earned money should be spent on something else; I think fans would rather not buy.

Meanwhile, the latest ass-kicking of Marcos Maidana to Adrien Broner, made Maidana's name in the mix as a more suitable opponent of Floyd Mayweather.

However, wherever you'll go in the World Wide Web -- boxing articles with subjects not named Floyd Mayweather or Pacquaio -- will end up in the comment section suggesting and insinuating Mayweather should fight Pacquaio next.

With almost half a decade boxing fans clamored for this fight and Pacquiao latest demolition of Brandon Rios in November, revive the idea that Money vs. Manny could be the biggest fight that would erase boxing records in terms of revenue.

With Mayweather's huge guaranteed purse under his contract with Showtime, I think and I believe that this could pressure Mayweather to fight Pacquaio irrespective of his ton of demands will be meet or not.

Showtime will of course, not agree to set-up a fight that will not generate the desired revenue that would cover not just the "fat guarantee" says Roach on The Sweet Science, for Mayweather, but for the entire network business in general.
"He said Showtime needs a marquee name to spur pay-per-view sales, to meet Floyd's fat guarantee, and that means Manny. "They can't pay that money for Amir Khan," he said, referring to his former client, who has been rumored to be the leading candidate to meet Mayweather in May. "I'm being optimistic that a Manny-Mayweather fight is closer now than ever."

And if Mayweather would pick Khan for his May ring return and generates inauspicious results in business standpoint, then there will be more pressure from Showtime for Mayweather to fight Pacquaio on September. To make the pressure on the spot and will not leave room for Mayweather to breath, Pacquaio should win impressively on his own ring return on April.

The same scenario I saw, when Mayweather fought Robert Guerrero wherein the revenue is unfavorable, I believed, Mayweather was pressured to fight Saul Alvarez, the perceived competitive opponent (not Pacquaio because at that time he had two straight losses).

In my previous article, I wrote that I will let myself get circumcised once again if this fight will happen in September; well I guess it will be likely on September.

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