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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Groves: The left hook which finishes Carl Froch

Groves: "The left hook which finishes Carl Froch"

During the final press conference of the most anticipated and perhaps the biggest boxing event in the British history: The Carl Froch vs George Groves rematch. Groves is so confident and says that it's the left hook that will finished Carl Froch on Saturday at the Wembley Stadium.

"We've been working on left hooks--it will be the left hook which finishes Carl Froch on Saturday night," Groves said confidently.

But Carl Froch seemed not intimidated with the young challenger's statement. "If that's the case, I better pick my right hand up!, I'm 36 but I've still got what it takes. It's a cliche, but it's just a number."

Groves came in looking extremely elegant wearing tuxedo---dress to death---is how we call it in the Philippines to someone extremely formal, I thought he was Max Kellerman shaving his beard. While Carl Froch came in a sporty look. Froch had his two championship belts hanging on his shoulders during the snap shots.

During the interview with Sky Sports news Groves showed again confidence---and I like that confidence he has. I'm still undecided though who to pick on my preview and prediction piece for this fight. And looks like I'm picking him now.

"It couldn't have gone any better. I couldn't have asked for more. After I beat Carl on Saturday, I'll be able to put it to bed. I'm still sore. Fortunately through my hard work I've been able to get the rematch." said Groves.

Asks about a prediction for this fight, Groves said, "We're not preparing for a three-round fight. But I don't think Carl Froch will be able to get through three rounds. He's probably banking on a 12-round fight where I'll fade. But I'll get stronger round-by-round. We've got everything covered."

With those words from Groves... hell yeah! it made me more excited for Saturday.

On Friday afternoon, will be the official weigh in. This is where I expect some sort of drama, as the final presser seems too civilized.

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