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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Nonito Donaire wins controversial technical decision after Round 4

[caption id="attachment_2832" align="alignnone" width="689"]Nonito Donaire wins contoversial technical decision after Round 4 Photo Credit : Chris Farina - Top Rank[/caption]

Nonito Donaire gets another championship in his fourth weight class tonight at the Cotai Arena in Macau, China. But it didn't happen without any controversy. It is what it is, because this is boxing. But the commission there should do some investigation.

The bout was stop after four rounds of bizarre, frustrating but entertaining action. It is bizarre, because the score they announced was 49-46. How the hell was that?  After four rounds! Maybe the officials thought the fight went Round 5, or Contreras wrongly read it. It is entertaining because we saw knockdown and blood. It was indeed a fight.  But it was frustrating also because we want some more.

This is how it happened; Donaire (33-2, 21 KO's) got cut above the left eye before the end of the first round. In the replay you can't determine whether it is from clashes of head or from a punch. Donaire complained about the cut. But what adds the confusion is that the referee didn’t rule anything out.

In the second round, everybody assumed that the cut is coming from a punch. Should the doctor advised the referee to stop the fight---Vetyeka should win by TKO. Donaire again complain during the course of action in the ring due to clashes of head. But still there's no word from the referee. It's either Mr. Pabon should acknowledge or warns Donaire for turning his back away from the champion.

In third round Donaire comes out smoking, and I believed he still assumed that the cut he suffered in the first round is ruled out coming from a punch. There's a sense of urgency from Donaire as he pressed forward towards Vetyeka.

In Round 4, Vetyeka  (26-3, 16 KO) has Donaire's back towards the rope as he fights back the challenger. But Donaire countered with a hard left hook---Donaire's money punch---that landed clean on Vetyeka. Vetyeka went hard to the floor! But he manages to get up and finished the round.

However, to everyone's surprise, the fight was stopped after referee Pabon consulted ringside officials. And again everyone got another surprise---when the absurd score announced.

In the interview right after the fight Donaire's tone was apologetic and says "I'm sorry" to the fans. He knows he has been given some favor here. Although, he's not the one to blame here if there is any, it’s the officials.

"You seemed to be blaming yourself for winning the fight", asks veteran boxing commentator Larry Merchant. "The thing is like I said, I just want to give Simpiwe the biggest respect because it was a great fight, and he was a great champion. It's unfinished business. I want to finish it." exclaimed Donaire.

When Merchant turned to Vetyeka for an interview, I'm confused again; I thought Vetyeka speaks in English because Merchant didn't ask the interpreter regarding Vetyeka's answers on the first question. But when he asks the interpreter after his second question my mind was blown away.

What a confusing main event. Really!

Anyway, would you mind to see a rematch? I think Vetyeka is a victim of bad officiating here. Put your answers and opinion in the comment section.

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