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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Carl Froch brutally knocks out George Groves in Round 8

Carl Froch brutally knocks out George Groves in Round 8

Carl Froch put big exclamation mark on the rivalry between him and George Groves on Saturday night's rematch at the Wembley Stadium.

In front of 80,000 lively boxing fans, Carl Froch brutally knocks out George Groves in Round 8 of their rematch. Froch throws a left hook followed by a cracking right hand that landed on Groves left chin. Groves falls instantly. His left leg bends in an ugly position and flattened along with his body to the floor. His leg is in that position for a couple of seconds before it straightened up.

Referee Charlie Fitch didn't bother to count and immediately waived it off. Although, Groves was insensible for few seconds---he could understand the gesture of the referee. He tried to get up. And he did. His lion heart tells him to fight. But his heart didn't get the backing from his body and legs.

The referee didn't allow Groves to absorbed more damaging punishment from the poisonous "Cobra". And there's no controversy with the stoppage this time.

Before the stoppage, Groves is out-boxing the champion from the outside. I think he's well ahead of the scorecards prior to the stoppage. But in boxing one punch can turn everything around.

"But sometimes in professional boxing it only take one punch… one punch can be all the difference and all it needs". explained Froch.

However, a granite chin could also be a big difference. Groves has been landing some clean right hooks to Froch's chin. But Froch has unbelievable ability to absorbed those shots to the chin. This is what separates him from this fight---his iron chin.

Froch was calm and composed throughout the fight and he said that it was part of his adjustment.

"I was very calm and composed like I said I would be. I used my boxing. I tried to establish my jab, but George Groves is more quicker than me, he's very fast. If you time shots correctly, you know, time beat speed." said Froch of the adjustment he made for this fight.

Groves talk about the knockdown and congratulates Froch of the victory. I like the respect they showed towards each other after the fight in-spite bashing each other prior to the fight.

"Yeah I'm fine… It's boxing you know… he caught me, I went down. But I will come back and be better and stronger." said Groves when asked about the knockdown.

What next for Carl Froch?

"I love to box in Las Vegas. I said it because Las Vegas is the fight capital of the world." said Froch when asked where he wants to fight next.

Who do you want Froch to fight next if the fight will be held in Vegas?

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