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Monday, June 2, 2014

Five questions that need answers for Donaire’s victory

5 questions that need answers for Donaire’s victory

Commentary|Here are my five questions that needs answers with regards to Nonito Donaire’s unanimous technical decision victory against South African Simpiwe Vetyeka for their featherweight tussle at the Cotai Arena in Macau, China.

Actually, I want answers from those directly involved, like Luis Fabon, and WBA supervisor Aurelio Fiengo. But let me answer it myself. I want your comments if my questions and answers make sense at all---If it made no sense---write your comments below telling me to delete this article.

Let’s start:

1. Why the referee didn't rule out whether the cut is coming from head butt, elbow or punch after the first round?

The referee didn't see what is the cause of the cut. I think it is time to utilize camera footage to review such cases. Although in this case replays still unable to show angles that will help determine the cause of the cut.

2. Why the referee didn't stop or warned Donaire for turning his back on Veyeka in Round 2?

Any competent referee would have warned---at worst, stop the fight, because Donaire turned his back away from Vetyeka.

3. Why the score after the fight were 46-49 on all scorecards, after only four rounds of boxing?

As per an article written by Abac Cordero on Philstar: The official score sheet had Donaire ahead on all three cards, 49-46. The judges scored the fifth round 10-10. It was a technical unanimous decision.”

As per an article written by Ryan Songalia on Rappler: "The 49-46 scores on all 3 cards are due to the aborted fifth stanza, as Professional Boxing Commission of China rules dictate that the partial round must be scored according to a PBCC official. All three judges scored it 10-10 as not a single punch had been thrown."

4. Why the referee stop the fight only after the bell sounded in Round 5?

Donaire has no intention to continue after Round 4---it should have been stop from there. And it should have been a Technical Draw if the referee ruled the cut came from accidental head butt. It should have been Vetyeka for Technical Knockout if the referee ruled the cut came from a punch.

Okay the cut was ruled out came from accidental headbutt. This leads to my final question.

5. Why the referee didn't let the fighters continue in Round 5 and then stop?

At least they’ll give chance for both fighters to settle it in Round 5. Instead they give a 10-10 round for both fighters as per China Commission rules. What for? No other answer but to make sure they will go to the judges scorecards. And this benefits Donaire who scored a knockdown in Round 4.

Donaire is apologetic after the fight. It shows that there’s guilt on his part for he knows he has been given a favor here. But he's not the one to be blame here. It's the bad officiating. I just don't like the way the officials forcing to take away a crown from Vetyeka wherein the right decision is a Technical Draw---Vetyeka keeps his title---and then arrange for a rematch.

Donaire is not totally happy for his win. Vetyeka of course not happy for his defeat. Fans also not happy for the outcome. Then whose benefit is this? HBO, Top Rank, Bob Arum, anyone?

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