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Friday, June 6, 2014

Weigh in results: Miguel Cotto 155lbs, Sergio Martinez 158.8lbs

Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez weigh in results

Both Sergio Martinez and Miguel Cotto came in under the contracted catch-weight of 159 pounds. Martinez  (51-2-2, 38 KO's) weighs in at 158.8lbs. while Cotto (38-4, 31 KO's) weighs in at 155lbs.

The crowd cheers heavily as Cotto make his weight while for Martinez I can hear boos. Now, Martinez understand what is it like fighting in Cotto's "second home" the Madison Square Garden.

In an interview, Martinez said that it is good motivation knocking out Miguel Cotto in his own house.

When Miguel Cotto was asked what is in his mind while on that intense face-off, "I'm ready to work" replied Cotto. Cheers from the crowd erupts when they hear those words from the Puerto Rican champion who aims to be the first Puerto Rican to capture fourth title in as many weight division.

In the main under-card Filipino Marvin Sonsona looks tight and trim who weigh in at the featherweight limit of 126lbs. Wilfredo Vazquez Jr also weighs in at 126lbs. Vazquez-Sonsona is a 12 round featherweight rematch.

The rest of the weigh in results:

  1. Jorge Melendez 153lbs vs Javier Maciel 154lbs

  2. Andy Lee 154lbs vs John Jackson 152lbs

  3. Felix Verdejo 134½lbs vs Engelberto Valenzuela 134½lbs

  4. Jose Lopez 121lbs vs Raul Hidalgo 122lbs

  5. Jose Pedraza 132½lbs vs Arturo Uruzquieta 131½lbs

  6. Willie Nelson 157lbs vs Darryl Cunningham 156½lbs

  7. Janthony Ortiz 113½lbs vs Elio Ruiz 112lbs

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