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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fidel Maldonado Jr. stops Nelson Lara

Fidel Maldonado Jr. stops Nelson Lara

Fidel Maldonado (19-2, 16 KO's) stops Nelson Lara (15-6-4, 8 KO's) in Round 8 of their junior welterweight bout at the State Farm Arena, Hidalgo in Texas.

It was a back and forth action early in the fight. Both combatants were willing to give and take vicious punches. But between rounds four to six Lara slowed down. His work rate significantly dropped. He seemed too tired and stayed in the corner too long, not able to move around, taking shots from more confident Maldonado.

Final Punch Stat's showed Maldonado out landed Lara. He landed 302 out of 683, while Lara landed only 87 out of 403. Lara missed a lot of punches that made him looked so tired.

In Round 7, Lara came back and landed significant blows that backed down Maldonado. But that was short live, as it is obvious that Lara's out of gas to fuel of what has been his final push.

In the final round, during the exchanges, Maldonado landed a shot that hurt Lara. Lara was reeling to the ropes. Maldonado followed Lara and unleashed the finishing touches. But the referee ruled out a knockdown and did a mandatory count on Lara.

Maldonado sensing Lara is ripe for the picking; he immediately jumped and fired unanswered combinations after combinations to Lara.

The referee had seen enough and stopped the contest. The official time was 1:30 in Round 8.

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