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Friday, September 26, 2014

Mayweather: Miss Pacman is broke and desperate for a payday

Mayweather: Miss Pacman is broke and desperate for a paydayFloyd Mayweather Jr. went to Facebook and posted Manny Pacquiao's collage pictures. In the picture, Pacquiao is in different positions after he got knockdown and eventually got knockout by Juan Manuel Marquez on their fourth encounter in December 2012.

The pictures had a caption that said:

My new boxing DVD is coming soon and is called "3 Ways to Sleep". Back, Face and Butt and I'm Falling & I Can't Get Up. Miss Pac Man is broke and desperate for a pay day. Your Pay-Per-View numbers are a joke."

I think this is Mayweather's response to Manny Pacquaio's recent comment on his testimony on the Nevada State Commission.

Pacquiao went to Twitter on Wednesday and said that, "tells me everything I need to know".

On Friday also the American undefeated boxer posted picture (embedded below) of him on Facebook. In the picture, there were bulk load of money on his bed.

Mayweather: Miss Pacman is broke and desperate for a paydayMayweather won unanimous decision victory over Marcos Maidana in a rematch on September 13. He had guaranteed USD 30 M price money.

In that post it seems to me that Floyd Mayweather was teasing Pacquiao. Floyd was flaunting his millions whereas Pacman according to him is "broke" and is "desperate for a pay day"

But I don't how this response works well for Mayweather.  After his fight with the Argentinean slugger, Floyd told that he is willing to fight Pacquiao if that's what the fans want. This made the fans again excited and the talk of Mayweather-Paquiao re-surface again.

We know that he has millions and that Pacquiao might be "broke" and "needs for a payday". But how much money Floyd have, are coming from the fans that supported him throughout his career and I think he owes that to his fans.

The fans wanted Mayweather-Pacquiao to happen. So I think he should be bound to make that fight happen for the fans.

But is Floyd really to blame why this fight did not happen?

In an interview with FightHype, Alex Ariza talks about the why this fight will never happen.

I'm not a fan of Ariza, but the guy has a point. He did not blame Pacquiao or Floyd why this fight not happening. He blames Bob Arum solely.

In December 2013, Floyd also posted on social media the below photo.

Mayweather: Miss Pacman is broke and desperate for a paydayI think this social media beef will continue, as Pacquaio is hyping also his fight against Chris Algieri on November in Macau.

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