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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hopkins: I prepare to do what I know how to do best

During the media workout in Philadelphia, light heavyweight champion, Bernard Hopkins (55-6-2, 32 KO's) was oozing with confidence. He said that "you can't worry about things can't change". Bernard is referring to Oscar talking about him fighting or preparing the fight against a much younger and heavy handed Sergey Kovalev without any pressure.
I believe the difference comes in the execution. If you think about it too much beforehand it will keep you up at night. You can't worry about things you can't change. I prepare to do what I know how to do best. That rule of code has never betrayed me."

Hopkins: I prepare to do what I know how to do bestBut I don't think Hopkins had nothing to worry about the 31 year old hard-hitting Russian. Kovalev (25-0-1, 23 KO's) has been regarded as one of the heaviest puncher in the sport today. He's been undefeated in 26 fights and knocked out 23 of his opponents. His victims include Nathan Cleverly, Gabriel Campillo and Cornelius White. These fighters were former champion and top ten contenders in the light heavyweight division at the time they fought Kovalev. But none of them lasted five rounds.

But Hopkins recognized that Kovalev is "real" and a "threat" to everybody. An indication that he never under estimate Kovalev, and he understand that it won't be an easy fight.
Kovalev is a threat to anybody. It won't be an easy fight, even if it looks easy to you. I don't just have to beat the man, but I have to beat a lot of people. They're either going to watch me win or watch me lose, and I don't mind playing that game. I don't believe in luck. I believe in whoever brings the best and whoever sacrifices the most to be victorious will win.

I'm excited of this fight to see how Hopkins can again defy father time, and or how Kovalev handles the wits and ring smarts of oldest champion in the history of boxing that calls himself "The Alien"


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