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Friday, October 3, 2014

Kovalev: I'm living for this fight

The hard hitting light heavyweight Sergey Kovalev is expecting his first born child while preparing for the fight of his life. But he assured the fans that his focus is fixed 100 percent on Bernard Hopkins. He will face Hopkins for the light heavyweight unification bout on November 8.

The doctor says my baby is due October 17, but also said that we can plan one week early because in the last week the baby will be one pound more so for my wife it will be harder," explained Kovalev.

Although I believed that it is very difficult to exactly fix your focus on something else while you are expecting your first born. The feeling of becoming a father is totally different. It is a very exciting experience that will happen once in a lifetime. Fighting Hopkins, who is considered one of all time great in terms of accomplishment in the ring is another very exciting experience for a fighter like Kovalev.

If Kovalev wins this fight, the way he won his 23 fights by knockout, he will probably force Hopkins to retirement.

Kovalev believed that training for this fight is the best he can do for his family.

I have in my body, I have in my face, I have in my mind, the motivation that I need to get this win because it's my future." He added, "My goal still is to be undisputed in this division. This fight is two more titles, it's my goal. I want all four."

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