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Friday, December 12, 2014

Tyson Cave gets robbed in US debut

This kind of boxing result really deserves a rant. And this is my rant: Tyson Cave  really gets robbed hard in his US debut. His brilliant performance of the art of hitting without getting hit was robbed in front of him with his eyes wide open on broad daylight lamps at the Pechanga Resort & Casino, Temecula, California.

B97402829Z.120141210212458000GHD7OLE8.11Although on twitter, boxing fans and media were unhappy with Tyson Cave during the course of the fight.  They called him a runner... a dancer... I called him octopus-footed. But it doesn't mean that he is not winning the fight. I called him octopus-footed, which basically means means fleet-footed, because he really moves very well that he is dominating the fight, in fact he's toying Oscar Escandon. It's so one-sided fight in favor of Cave.

I hate watching Cave moved that well around the ring because it really... really made Escandon look so bad. Escandon did not have a chance against a moving Cave (actually caves should not move). That's why people on twitter were not happy for Cave. Of course, we want fight! We want action! If  Cave is not moving that well, for sure we will see a competitive fight.

Judges are humans too. They are for sure boxing fans too, that love so much of action in the ring. They might be disgusted too watching Cave toying Escandon. But their disgust should not transpire on their respective scorecards by punishing the man who did very well on hitting without getting hit!

Well, what about putting it this way: instead of blaming solely Cave for not making the fight exciting, why not ask Escandon. Why he was not able to corner a running man inside the 17 foot ring? Why he can't close the gap fight at close range and make the fight competitive?

Cave were throwing 4 to 6 unanswered combinations that ends with an upper cut and then changes angle or move from harms way before even Escandon retaliates. But it doesn't mean that all his punches landed. In fact most of them were blocked by Escandon's gloves, except those uppercuts that snapped Escandon's head back.

Escandon to his credit was there to fight. But his efforts were way... way... insufficient to win a single round, at least on my unofficial score. He's best punch was a looping hard right hands to the air. I mean really!

Cave's punches, activity, and ring generalship were enough to sweep all the rounds in my unofficial scorecards. But the three judges sees it differently. Raul Caiz Jr. might have mistaken Cave as Escandon and Escandon was Cave!!! Tony Crebs saw it as a very competitive fight Escandon winning. Naaahhh! Max DeLuca was able to see the real winner. This made Escandon as the winner via SD.

Here's the official scores per judge for Tyson Cave:

  • Raul Caiz Jr. - 111-117

  • Tony Crebs - 113-115

  • Max DeLuca - 115-113

If you were not able to watch this fight better check out later. So that you'll understand what I'm ranting about.

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