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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Nonito Donaire drops and stops Zsolt Bedak

I really don't like the breakdance! It was a waste of energy... thinking it was Nonito Donaire. But oh boy! That was not him! Just to make it clear. It was not Donaire!


Nonito Donaire stops Hungarian challenger Zsolt Bedak in the third round. In the first round, both fighters were too cautious coming in as both have powerful left hooks. But it was a cleat round to score for Donaire as he landed clean body shots.

In the second round, the action pickup was a little intense as both fighters were trying to land powerful shots. Early in this round, Donaire caught Bedak with his signature left hook that stunned the challenger. Donaire followed up and landed a solid uppercut that sends Bedak down. The referee took a count and Bedak got on his feet. Obviously, hurt but with steady legs.

Donaire looking to finish the fight but was able to control his eagerness to get a knockout victory, and not to commit mistakes as Bedak is equally powerful too.

"Bedak is also powerful, he got me on the chin with an overhand punch and I saw stars", says Donaire in Tagalog.

In the third, Donaire again landed powerful hooks that stunned Bedak and send him backpedaling. Donaire rushed in to finish the fight and Bedak down again on somewhat a push from Nonito, but it was clear that a punch landed prior to that. The referee took a count and Bedak was on his feet. But the referee was not convinced Bedak can continue and he waived the fight off.

The official time is 2:44 round 3. Donaire by TKO.

Donaire mentioned Carl Frampton and Guillermo Rigondeux as potential next opponents when he was asked by Dyan Castillejo who he wants to fight next.

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