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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten Reasons Why I Love Boxing Above All Sports (Part 3 of 10)

My enthusiasm for boxing even more fired up during my high school days. Though it all started during my elementary days as what I have written previously (click here), but it is during high school that I am more excited about it. I become more active and getting deeper into the sport I love.


Let me tell you why? It is in high school as we all know, (almost all of us went through) we are full of energy, the freshness, the youth, the blood keep firing in everything we wanted to do. Personally, I don’t know the word tired during those days, (not unless it is an errand from my parents, I have all the reasons for being tired.


Most of my friends and classmates played basketball. I also played with them, I enjoy also playing and in fact nowadays it is where I physically engage with. Given the fact that boxing is a contact sport, I basically didn’t engage in sparring which I did during high school. I love boxing but right now, I am not in a position to do so. Instead I love to watch, write, and read everything about it.


During my elementary days that bully thing that first introduced me about boxing (reason 1). However, I can’t imagine that in my high school I tried to bully someone, (persuading him to spar with me though he refuse several times but humiliated me in the end.


Let me tell you, the story that gives me the reason to love (the lessons learned) more about the sport of boxing.


The guy I mention above is a good friend, a classmate in elementary and a now in high school.


Without further ado, let me begin the story.


My whole section in first year high school visited a classmate, (a neighbor also) who’s grandmother died. So, we gathered there. We are around 30 students so only a few could get into the house. Most of the boys stayed outside. We stayed in one of my neighbor that I used to hang out.


I love to hang in there because you know what? they are having a pair of boxing gloves. Yes, I love to go here during weekends and play (not sparring) because the owner is far bigger and older than me. He’s just playing with me as a younger brother. So, I have the idea that boxing is just for fun (not dangerous at all). Not until I tasted the first beating in my life from boxing.

As we gather there, Jojo, the owner of those gloves showed to us. I grabbed immediately one pair and done it myself. Scrolling to each classmate around, my eyes stop to a classmate named Sebio. Yes, because even though we are good friend, he is one of our dominant classmates that used to bully our common friends, (but his is not doing it to me).


So, I have this feeling inside to test him, as to how good he is in boxing, (but  I know he is good in bare fisted fighting) during our elementary he is always having trouble with school mates and our classmates as well. But that is in elementary.


Now in high school, what comes in my mind is that I wanted to know if he had the guts still. When I told him “come on Sebio, let’s try some sparring.”


He replied “No, I don’t know how, the last time I tried, that was in grade 3.” “No way” he continued.


But I am persuading and insisting him to fight me. He repeatedly refused. Then, our classmates started to yell at him saying that “what man, you’re always fighting with us before and then now you have no guts to spar”. Boooooooooo!


Upon hearing those words, he silently gets the other pair wear and whoaah! We are squaring with each other. His ego was really hurt; I can see it from his eyes. While I am smiling because in my heart I know that it is just for fun. I expect a friendly match. But I am totally wrong. Sebio was in a different position, his eyebrows were crossed. He has a different motive.


Before I can even defend myself, he swarmed me with non-stop combination that I could not even defend. The worse thing is that I can’t say stop because I started this. He is all over around me, firing the hardest shot that landed at will. Most are body shots that made me grimaced in pain because all I do is cover my face. I cover especially my nose (I easily bleed from the nose). A solid punch rights through my chest put me in my knees.


My classmates are screaming and jubilant of what just they have seen. I am totally humiliated but it is embarrassing to quit because I have started this. I got up on my feet and started to prepare myself for another furious flurry of combinations from him. But this time, I am ready to counter. Sebio throw a wide cross, while surging forward. I slipped into it, ducking forward and bore a solid counter right hook to his mid-section. He was stunned by that very first counter. Not hurt but maybe he think over about it.


He looks at me, trying to figure out what will be my next move. Now, he’s not swarming me anymore, he tried to throw job, and one two’s that I defended soundly. I can feel my breathing now, and I can see it from him also while our classmates were yelling for more.

I am surprised he said that it is enough. In my mind, I know he’s not hurt by that counter, but he may not want me to regain the beating he just given to me. I feel my lips and my teeth, blood were spilling out. My lips was lacerated, my tongue  was cut, my tooth were shaky.


I wanted to continue, but I think I had enough for the day.


Four lessons learned.


First, never try to embarrass someone in a crowd, for any contact sport.


Second, challenge somebody in any sport in a gentleman’s way.


Third, if you challenge somebody in any sport be sure you are prepared for the worst even if is a friendlies. (Learn how to box, it is a good exercise).


Fourth, boxing is a very dangerous sport, especially doing it without protective gear. (Never try without it).


But this is not the end, of me and my friend Sebio boxing escapade. I eventually take revenge that I will post next time. I tell you how that day changed me.


Though I am not a pro, and never was, but I can relate what is it like to be a fallen fighter, humiliated, and losing confident. The most important thing is how you approach that feeling and from there how you will move forward. Either to improve, or to live in the past or to seek redemption for yourself.

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