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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pinoy Pugilist In a Verge of Clash

Posted by Retech
A lot of Mexican boxers has the opportunity fighting against each other in a huge spectator in the heart of boxing capital in Las Vegas. Boxing fans are willing to pay their hard earned dollars to watch compatriot against each other. This is because they are the best in their division.

One example is Eric Morales vs Marco Antonio Barrera,  a match up resulted into a trilogy watch by millions of fans around the world. This kind of match up we are waiting to happen for Filipino fighters. Shall we say Manny Pacqiao vs Nonito Donaire. That's huge isn't it? But I doubt if this would materialized as both fighters separated by a huge gap in weight and the tremendous amount of respect Donaire for Pacquiao.

If negotiation push through we might see both pinoy pugilist against each other but not in the same magnitude I mention. If things go through as planned, Drian 'Golden Fists' Francisco (20-1-1, 16 KOs) against Michael Domingo (41-15-2, 19 KOs). both are well recognized boxers are expected to clash. With the right hype and support this is gonna be huge.

Much up like this is what we are waiting for Filipino fighters. This will showcase all Filipino talent to attract more lucrative fight offers.

Stay tune for more updates about this bout.

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