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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ten Reasons Why I Love Boxing Above All Sports (Part 2 of 10)

When I was a child I keep myself out of trouble. I consider myself real coward those days. I was even bullied by smaller classmates because I am really scared to be in any kind of arguments with them. I grow up also with my cousins which are all girls, therefore I don't have buddy to play wrestling and you know doing macho kid stuff. In school I prefer to be friendly to all my classmates even to those I don't really like. Those classmates that grab your toys, eat your snacks, put frog in your bag. I have written this bully thing in my previous post.


However, being the only kid in the family I have two teenager Uncles at that time. They taught me some macho stuff, by making fun of me. Guess what? they like boxing a lot. I remember every Sunday afternoon they are watching boxing matches. I watch with them those matches while they were shouting and imitating the boxers up against each other.


I wrapped cloth (sometimes old T-shirts) in my both fist and will ask me to boxed with them. In other words, they were making fun of me. In fact they punched my tummy after telling me hold my breath and make my stomach hard enough for them to punch. In return also they will tell me to box their tummy's. This is the influence they get from watching boxing matches every Sunday afternoon that open up my mind also about this sweet science I love.


Second thing also, it might be in my blood as my grandmother telling me that my grandfather used to fight street boxing with the Americans during the Japanese occupation in my country. She told me that American soldiers pitted my Grandpa to boxed with other boys in our town. I really believe what my grandma have told me though I wasn't able to confirm this to my grandpa. However I can tell it from his actions. You know what? because he is a guy who sleeps as early as 8pm, Maybe due to tremendous work in the farm during the entire day that would make him so sleepy. But you know what, if we will rent even five beta-max tapes and play it on even till morning he will watch it. Yes all the way!


I really admire him the way he watch those video tapes. He don't know the boxers are but he can immediately tell the ability and can make comments to a certain fighter as to how he did tactically inside the ring. That maybe what I inherited from him. I love to comment about boxers.


That's the 2nd reason why I love boxing above all sports. Check out the first reason why I love boxing above all sports just click here.

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