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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

AJ "Bazooka" Banal Exposed by a Moving Target

AJ Banal (25,1,1,19 KO) last fight against Tyson Cave (15,1,0) is like a bazooka that can not aim and hit the target, Tyson who claim himself as the combination of Muhammad Ali and Prince Naseem Hamed did very well in teasing and joking around. AJ's focus was tested this time, wherein at times he showed frustration and losing composure throwing wild punches.

It is very essential for a fighter to stay calm whatever his opponent will bring to the table, Mind games is like a termite that attack from the inside. Whatever physical training a fighter went through might be useless if he is caught mentally by his opponent, because he is susceptible to commit mistakes.

A blink of an eye in committing mistakes during fight pays a brutal price, though not in the case of Cave who don't have enough power in his hands to rock opponents with a single shot.

Well, a win is win for AJ. Congratulations!


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