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Thursday, June 7, 2012

PhilBack: Why the club might consider a new location?

Photo via Philback

Philippine Basketball Club in Kuwait (PhilBack) becomes the leading basketball club in Kuwait. The club started some four years back in Quibla basketball court, near seaside Kuwait City. 

The club transferred to an indoor court in Reggai from an open court, to accommodate a growing number of participants. Every Friday if I am not mistaken, the club utilizes 2 out of 4 basketball courts available in Al-Khalijia English School.

Before the start of 8th season I read a particular post from PhilBacks’ facebook fan page saying that they are considering new location to host every Fridays’ game. They even mention if I am again not mistaken,  a basketball court in Dailiya?

In my opinion, I believed it is alright for them to consider. Let me guess some pretty good reasons.

First, perhaps because the floor has holes? I notice during our first game, that part of the courts floor, had some holes. I mean…, there are some uneven surfaces in the flooring that might cause injuries to players. 

Second, maybe because it is not well-ventilated? I mean…., honestly the first time I visit the place and that was summer, I feel like difficulty in breathing, though when I get accustomed of the place for sometime it becomes alright.

Third, maybe because there is no bleacher for the growing fans of the club that visit every Friday to applaud their favorite teams? I observe that the chairs were not enough, especially for the ladies. At times fans tends to sit along with the players in the bench; but the committee doesn’t allow this. 

In the other hand for me personally it is fine for me if they consider new location or not, you know what? The place is very accessible, most especially for those who reside in Farwaniya and neighboring areas. 

For me it is fine, what about you? Are you in favor if Philback will consider a new location? Feel free to comment below.

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