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Monday, June 25, 2012

Victor “Vicious” Ortiz vs. Josesito Lopez: What’s next for Ortiz after a broken jaw?

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In Round 9, Victor Ortiz broke his jaw and unable to answer the bell in Round 10. During the post fight interview Ortiz said “I couldn’t close my mouth. It kept hurting, every time he kept touching me.”

The rising Mexican-American star was one of those boxers that I followed over the years. Ortiz is a kind of fighter that finishes off opponents. That made him a very exciting fighter. The southpaw of Oxnard, California had 62% KO percentage. 22 of his 29 wins were by way of knockout.

Ortiz at 22 years old already had a record of 22-1 prior to his fight with Argentinean Marcos Maidana.

Not bad for a 22 years old but very good enough to draw fans like me. For that reason Golden Boy Promotion sees his great potential.

GDP groomed Ortiz into stardom but spoiled by Maidana when he knock-out Ortiz in Round 6 for the Interim WBA World light welterweight title in 2009.

The knock-out also suggests doubt on Ortiz heart as a warrior. It is noted that when referee Caiz Sr. ask him if he is ok after the knockdown he just shook his head and walk away that hinted the referee to stop the fight thinking that Ortiz gave-up.

After that fight with Maidana, Ortiz move on and accumulate 5 wins and a draw before colliding with Floyd Mayweather Jr. for the WBC welterweight title.

Ortiz fight with Floyd again casts doubt not to his heart but this time to his maturity as a boxer. He’s ability to handle unusual situations in the ring–like what Mayweather Jr. did to him was in question.

The follow-up blows of Floyd after that cheap shot might have been prevented by Ortiz if he responded accordingly, that subsequently put him to the canvas.

Now, during his fight last Saturday for the vacant WBC Silver welterweight title, Ortiz for me just get unlucky. If it is some other injury he might be able to continue and prevent a consecutive loss to his career.

In my observation, whenever Ortiz is positioned for a bigger fight, he’s unable to pass the preliminaries–    If not spoiled by another fighter; he loses to a fight with elite.

In my opinion, GDP’s efforts to position Ortiz into that A status was really a failure. Failure, not in a way that they have mistakes in handling him, but simply Ortiz can’t deliver the goods, or shall I say he just got unlucky?

So far at his age now, he has still the potential to move on (with the untiring support of GBPJ) and go where GBP want him to be. I hope Victor Ortiz would rebound from this unlucky straight loses. I also wish for him that his jaw may not severely hurt.

I don’t take anything from Lopez by saying that Ortiz is just unlucky, instead I credit him for that powerful shots that exposed Ortiz chin J.

So, what’s up for Ortiz? Do you believe that he can be where Pacman and Floydy stand?

(Update 1: Victor Ortiz jaw surgery a success according to

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