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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Top two open basketball courts in Kuwait


The major problem here in Kuwait if you are basketball enthusiasts is the availability of basketball courts. Since football is the main sports for Kuwait and the majority of the expatriates; you will find almost every blocks – football field.

Basketball court is out-numbered maybe in a ratio of 10:1 or even more.

For more than six years now, working here in Kuwait and being basketball as my favorite sport aside from boxing, I’ve been playing several basketball courts available in Kuwait. Knowing the scarcity of basketball courts I tried to compile and rank the top two basketball courts I’ve experienced to play.

I hope it will help to those who are still seeking the most accessible basketball court. You’ll never know it is just in your neighborhood.

This compilation is a two-part article that I will publish each time I’ll be back to every basketball court that I will highlight in each post for I will take a snap for these courts – for you to have a better judgment  which court is accessible and preferably you and your team will visit.

Not-to-mention the indoor courts that is for sure will be very nice to play whole-year-round for a very extreme weather condition here in Kuwait, whatever time of the day but definitely it is not-for-free. That is why I decided to compile only free-of-charge courts – the best things in this world are freebies right? That’s why I’ll go for the free.

Without further ado here is my first pick.

Meshrif Basketball Court

Ranking the top 10 free-of-charge basketball courts in Kuwait

This court is in the heart of Mishrif, near Yarmouk sports club, that is why its accessibility is not favorable for commuters – taxis rarely roam in this area and above all, they will charge you more. There is no bus route assigned also in the area.

This is the reason why I love this basketball court because it is not crowded at all anytime (do not even think that I have my own car, because really I do not have. :)Not accessible means – only few would like to come and I can play immediately as soon as I arrive. Unlike Salmiya, (I'll highlight this court in my next post) you will be in long queue before you can play.

Our team, United COE for PhilBack holds practice in this court every Saturday’s and Tuesday’s. My teammates prefer this court for the reason I mention above and they are the one who have cars anyway. (I always ask a free ride from them.)

What makes this court especial?  The place has also tennis court, volley ball court and Football field. Aside from basketball, I love to play tennis also. Few locals play here, so whenever we have practice, I consider bringing my tennis racket. Locals are friendly that I enjoyed playing with them too.

I salute the caretaker (Harris, as they call it in Arabic) for the place is well maintained. You cannot see rubbish at all. It has also clean washrooms, wide parking area and cold drinking water.

Accessibility: Poor
Court’s Appearance/Maintenance: Good
Timing: Open Saturday to Thursday until 11:00 PM, Close during Fridays and all holidays.

Ranking the top 10 free-of-charge basketball courts in Kuwait IMG_0139 IMG_0150


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