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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Brandon Rios says, ‘…**** everybody… counting me out’

Brandon Rios seems very upset at Max Kellerman and to everybody that counted him out against Manny Pacquiao on November for the WBO international title in Macao. I’m quoting below Rios’s words from Luis Sandoval of Boxing Scene.
Fuck Max Kellerman, that motherfucker and fuck everybody that's talking about Pacquiao-Ruslan, they're already counting me out! Everybody is counting me out. Everybody thinks I'm a tune up fight for Pacquiao. So Max Kellerman thinks that too so fuck that motherucker. He's always talking shit, saying stuff in my face like ‘Oh Brandon, you're this, this and that. You've won this and that.' He's a fucking pretender. I don't give a fuck if HBO makes you say shit or not, you don't say [that type of] shit. Nobody makes me say shit but me. So at the end of the day that's fucking bullshit.

I can’t help but liked the way Scott Christ from bad left Hook sum it up it up here.

I think Rios have the reason to be upset to people that writes him off or counted him out against Pacquiao. For me, he is definitely a live opponent against recent version of Pacquaio -- a Pacquiao that suffered brutal knockout defeat last year.

I’m even surprised when I first learned that the comeback fight of Pacquaio is Rios.

After Pacquaio defeated David Diaz in 2008 for the lightweight -- from that point forward -- he was fed to stronger and bigger lions except Marquez.

Rios is young, naturally bigger and just fought eight months ago during the fight in November whereas Pacquiao almost a year since last fought.

Only crazy will count Rios off. For me, this is a 50/50 even fight.

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