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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What's next for Juan Manuel Marquez?


Reasonable amount of money, as always, can change firm decisions.

Do you want to see Marquez fights again Pacquiao? Or do you want him to retire now?

Mexican star and four division champion Juan Manuel Marquez was defeated soundly on Saturday, 12 Oct. 2013 by undefeated American Timothy Bradley via split decision. Judge Robert Hoyle scored 113-115, and Judge Patricia Morse Jarman saw it 112-116 for Bradley, while Judge Glenn Feldman scored 115-113 for Marquez.

Marquez was whining during the post fight press conference on this video from Fight Hub TV. He blamed the two judges who scored the fight against his favor. I think, judge Feldman score gave Marquez a strong case for his claim that he won the fight.

“The people saw a good performance, but the judges did it again,” Marquez said after the fight at the Thomas and Mack Center.

“We came prepared to win this fifth title. We were happy with this performance. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the victory. To fight here in Las Vegas, I need to knock people out to get a victory.”

Although, there were no outrageous complain regarding Feldman's score in favor of Marquez, but it doesn't mean to say that he won the fight, and that he was robbed. Bradley clearly won the fight for me. Unlike CJ Ross's score of Mayweather-Canelo on September, that earned a ton of criticism

Bradley was able to do what exactly what he wanted to do in the ring. He connected shots when he wanted. He engaged if he wanted. Although Marquez also did what he wanted: which is to counter, but could not land the amount of shots that will give him the nod of the other two judges.

Marquez counter shots were not able to catch the faster and more elusive Bradley.

Now, what's next for Juan Manuel Marquez?

Marquez is inclined to "retire" after his lose to Bradley. But, I think these are words of a disappointed Marquez. Although I believed that there are at least two fights left in him -- depending the outcome, now that he is already 40 years old.

Remember that Marquez was never been knockout so far in his career.

I agree with what Tyler Conway wrote here at Bleacher Report. I think what will make Marquez retire is the sport itself. Maybe after a first knockout defeat; Marquez will be forced out to retirement.

But so far, at this point, Marquez still has options. Although he ruled out not to fight Pacquiao again, but if Pacquiao wins against Rios; it may change his decision and fight.

Note that for sure, Pacquiao's stocks will rise again if he wins against Rios on November. And Marquez had leverage during negotiation because of his stunning knockout win against Pacquiao.

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