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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Funny Diego Chaves reaction after disqualified by Vic Drakulich

Funny Diego Chaves reaction after disqualified by Vic Draculich

Here's a funny reaction (above picture) of Diego Chaves after he was disqualified by referee Vic Drakulich. I can't help but to keep on laughing at his reaction. His make face at the disqualification loss against Brandon Rios says it all. He has no idea of why he was disqualified despite several warning from Drakulich.
"Truly, I don't know (why he was disqualified)," Chaves said, "because during the (eight) rounds we fought, I was taking headbutts and rabbit punches. I don't know what I did." added Chaves via an interpreter.
Prior to the DQ, Chaves has been deducted a point in Round's three and seven due to excessive holding. And ultimately Chaves was disqualified in Round 9 due to the same reason -- excessive holding. And as per Rios, Chaves is poking his eyes with his thumb.
"I didn't want to headbutt him. Every time I'd get in, he'd grab me, then he'd put his finger in my eyes." says Rios.
I really don't know also what happen in this fight. What I'm certain is that I think referee Vic Drakulich mishandled this fight. I saw several worst fight but not ended in way the fans don't want it and the fighters don't want either.
"This is not the way I wanted to win. I don't know if I was winning or not. Chaves has tremendous skills. But come on, man, don't fight dirty." Rios told Jim Lampley.

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