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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rogelio Medina destroys J'Leon Love in Round 3


Rogelio Medina of Sonora, Mexico made a deafening statement at the Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada. Medina knocked out former unbeaten and crowd favorite J'Leon Love in the Shobox main event.

Medina just took three rounds to destroy the Mayweather promoted and crowd favorite Love. The stunning knockout victory silenced the crowd in attendance.

J'Leon Love started the fight on the balls of his feet. He moved and danced like a graceful ballerina and tagged Medina with pot shots.

But in several occasions, Medina was able to put him in the corner of the ring. But Love is slick enough to dodged the punches from Medina and move to his side. It happens like three or four times in the first two rounds.

In Round 3, Medina again was able to keep in the corner. Medina ducked the left hook from Love and counter with his own left hook. Down went Love! Face first. He tried to beat the count. But he was badly hurt. He's legs were unstable. Referee Tony Weeks stopped the contest. The official time: 39 seconds in Round 3.

With the lost, Love's opportunity for a world title shot might be gone in the wind. But we don't know. With current boxing scenario and the sanctioning bodies that the sport has -- titles are everywhere.

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