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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Brandon Rios vs Diego Chaves preview

Brandon Rios vs Diego Chaves preview

Two fighters with come-forward style will clash tonight, as Brandon Rios boxing Diego Gabriel Chaves at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

To make it straightforward and without beating around the bush, I can say that: this is an entertaining fight without any significant outcome to the current welterweight landscape. Just pure entertainment. If you love watching two people punching in the head -- this is the fight you are looking for. This is a match-up of two people willing to trade punches without taking a step back.

Brandon Rios (31-2-1, 23 KO) has develop his brand of boxing. He's known for his all out aggression, hit-me-I'll-hit-you-back-with-a-smile style. But in his last two bouts wherein he lost to Mike Alvarado in a rematch and to Manny Pacquiao via wide margin unanimous decision, Rios was not able to show his brand of Rios boxing. Alvarado and Pacquiao implemented a game plan that exposed how "one-dimensional" Rios is. Okay fine. Rios might be one-dimensional but I'll forget about that because this time he will face another fighter that is more than willing to stay in the pocket and trade bombs after bombs. We will see both men walking each other in the ring. We will see blood! We will see war!

Argentinean Diego Chaves, (23-1, 19 KO) despite the visa issues and all was able to touch down on US soil with Arum's influence and Sen Reid. Everyone is not certain if Chaves is on or will be replaced until Wednesday. And he eventually arrived on Thursday morning, making him skip the final press conference in the afternoon.

Chaves, is former undefeated in 22 fights with 18 KO's prior to the Kieth Thurman bout. He was able to hung around with heavier arsenal Thurman for 10 rounds. He gave Thurman everything he could handle -- perhaps the toughest fight of Thurman. And I think, Chaves can hang around even more rounds against Rios who doesn't have exactly that one-punch-lights-out power. Rios breaks down an opponent with volume punching. He will break you down with his will to win. His best punch: the left hook to the body and right upper cut upstairs, once you will get tag with those punch in succession that will bring you down. And besides Rios has a remarkable chin and was not stop in his career.

Well, I will not get surprise if this bout will go to the distance. This will depend on who's willing to put more defense. Even if both men can handle each others' power, there's always threshold on how much a boxer can absorbed and still upright. I'm certain that if both men feel that they can absorb each other's best punch -- they will forget defense. If they do that, there might be a stoppage, but that would be not earlier than round 9.

On Saturday night, let's forget about those PPV fights that we all know whose gonna win and those same-card-different-opponent bullshit cards. Tonight we will see a boxing fight. And I believe Rios and Chaves will deliver.

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