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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Go Sports vs. Nasser Sports: The Sports Apparel’s Battle, Who Will Prevail?

Photo via Philback

7th Conference Champion, Nasser Sports Center is up against another sporting gear leader Go Sports in the ongoing elimination round of Philback’s Inter-company Division 8th conference cup basketball tournament, in Al-Khalijia School, Reggai.

Nasser Sports with a record of 8–5 is hoping to win all their two remaining games to tie with United COE at 10–5 to assure a spot in the quarterfinal round. Mathar and Al-Ghanim are also possible teams that might also finish with the same record.

These four teams would definitely position for the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh spot. While Kuwait Steel got the first spot and either Americana or IKEA would take the second and third spot depending on their last two games result.


On the other hand Go Sports will seek to win their last match to tie with First Kuwaiti and Ebomac at 9–6 for the chance to secure the last quarterfinal-spot at number eight.

But this scenario is just one of several possibilities. All will vary every games outcome except for the first, second and third spot which are clear. This is where the closing matches are fun and exciting to watch that’s why lets hang on and follow every Philback’s basketball tournament games.

Next week, I’ll be writing another possibility. Stay tuned.


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