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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Philback 9th Conference: Line-up submission is going on

Image via Philback facebook page

Attention to all basket ball enthusiasts who are looking for basketball tournaments here in Kuwait, Philback is now accepting line-ups for Inter-medical and open division 9th conference tournament.

According to Philback's facebook fan page post, the opening will be on September 21, 2012. If you are a basketball aficionado create your team now and be part of Philback’s 9th conference tournament.

This basketball tournament is organized by Philback includes four different Divisions namely;Inter-company Division, Inter-medical Division, Open Division and 5'8' Division.

In the previous basketball tournaments all these division will start and end on the same date but for the growing number of teams in the 5'8" Division the basketball tournament is divided.

Open Division and Inter-Medical Division will hold the championship match early compared to Inter-Company and 5'8". Therefore, the tournament in these divisions will finish first that is why they inviting early on to submit line-up.

So you guys out there submit your line-up now and enjoy every Friday, the game that we Filipinos love plus exciting prizes awaits to those finalists in this ever growing basketball tournament in Kuwait

For more info you may call on the following contact numbers;


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