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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Will United COE’s 3-Game Losing Streak Continue to QF Round?

Outnumbered United COE

United COE—Inter-company Division's defending champion, finished the elimination round with 3-game losing streak to settle with 10-5 win-loss card in the ongoing Philback basketball tournamnet 8thconference cup. 

United COE’s three straight losses suffered from division leaders–Kuwait Steel, Americana and finally IKEA for the last Friday’s game.

However, IKEA’s tough defense forced Remulta to pass the ball to Alcantara from the three-point country but misfires. Navarro grabs the offensive board and a put-back but was fouled in the process.

Romy Navarro was under intense pressure but able to sank in two important free throws to even the score.

However, in the overtime, IKEA pulled a rally that started from a 3point conversion that triggered a momentum shift that the weary and outnumbered United COE unable to overcome. IKEA prevail. 

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Below were some photos of the action.

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