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Thursday, August 16, 2012

United COE vs. Americana: Why this match-up is exciting to watch?

One of the expected and yet exciting match-up to watch for Philbacks’ Inter-company Division is Americana against defending champion United COE on Friday. August 17, 2012. Why because these two teams along with Kuwait Steel are sure qualified to the quarterfinal round.

It only means that when these teams face each other in the elimination round; it is a way to fathom each other strength–chances are they will meet again in the semis.

What makes it more important for United COE and Americana to win tomorrow’s match?

Well, granted that Kuwait Steel would come out on top in the elimination, (which is likely to happen) United COE and Americana will be fighting for the number 2 spot. And what is the catch?–the luxury of having twice-to-beat advantage. 

I based my assumption from the previous conference format, wherein the number one and two spot after the elimination will enjoy the said advantage. Granted that this is the case, then expect action-packed game tomorrow.

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