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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How Secured Americana at Number Two Spot?

Photo via Philback

IKEA defeated United COE on Friday—that keep them at number three spot. In the latest Philback standing update posted on facebook, Americana have 11–2 record with two remaining games, while IKEA have 10–3, with also two remaining games in the ongoing elimination round of Philbacks Inter-company basketball tournament 8th conference cup. 

Americana still need to win their two remaining games to solidify their claim at number two spot. If Americana will win only one of their last two games—they will have 12-3 record and granted that IKEA will win their two remaining matches—it will be a tie at 12–3.

In this case, as per Philback, a win over the other will apply. However, it would be very tough for IKEA to win all those two remaining games.

It is exciting and fun to watch how these two teams will handle their last two games as the basketball tournament elimination round closes. .

The number two spot, based on Philbacks previous basketball tournament procedure—will benefit from a twice-to-beat advantage. A fate already enjoyed by Kuwait Steel—who secured the number one spot. Even a loss in their last game will not affect their status.

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